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Tales of Vesperia

Journal Entry: Sat May 8, 2010, 7:52 AM

Yay, I finally finished the game...after 113hours. ^^;

Damn that was a good game! For those who knows about it, I have to say I only have the Xbox 360 version, which has much less features than in the PS3 one (*sob sob*). I love that cell-shading style, which is much better in my opinion than full 3D like in Star Ocean 4 or Final Fantasy XIII: that may be because I love anime hahahaha. Anyway, the "Tales of" Serie is famous for his skits, which are often hilarious =D For those who want a fresh restart about japanese RPG, I advice them to play "Tales of Symphonia", Tales of the Abyss" or "Tales of Vesperia". Just for the skits, those are great games ^^

So, why did it took me so much time to finish that game? Well, I tried to do as much side quests as I could ^^; So I ended up playing twice the time necessary to get them done: I have all characters costume's (apart the "True Knight" one for Yuri), almost all titles,, all weapons (apart Brionac), etc... I even id the Fell Arms quest, so I could enjoy the true "secret" final boss of the game ^_^...which wasn't a pain to beat up, as all my characters were at level 100...

Anyway, you might think it's the end? MWHAHAHAHA NO! I will do a "New Games +", with 17 000 grade points ;p For those who don't know, it's like a bonus thingie...meaning, I'll replay the game with like 10x Experience, 2x more money, all my previous weapons, all my previous equipments, etc... I know that would kill the difficulty, but I want to walk in the game without caring about leveling at all ;p hahahaha

That makes also the 3rd "Tales of" I played AND finished. Next should be "Tales of the Abyss" (I saw the anime of it, which is quite good), that was never released in Europe, so I have to buy it in USA =D

Anyway, I'm saying all that so I have an excuse for not drawing a lot! =D

Have fun everyone!


It's the place where I put all my drawings. Since the censorship is a bit problematic on DA, you will find much more drawings there! ;p

Please enjoy yourself at the gammatelier
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SpiredWarrior Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2011
Oh god, Tales of Vesperia. I love that game. :3 Zagi in the second time you fight him is a bastard though.
Robotoh2k5 Featured By Owner May 10, 2010
I loved the cuss out of that game!!!
xXawesomesauceXx Featured By Owner May 8, 2010
my favorite recent game for ps3 was god of war III, and i have to say it was pretty awesome but that IS what i say for every awesome action game
KonekoRyu Featured By Owner May 8, 2010   General Artist
I thought the PS3 version was only available in japan '_'; I also can't find the 360 version anywhere '_';
gamera1985 Featured By Owner May 9, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yeah, only for Japan sadly. As for the XboX version, strange you can't find it <_<
KonekoRyu Featured By Owner May 9, 2010   General Artist
well, I got my 360 like a month ago. long after ToV. so it's almost expected to be hard to grab now ^^;
Kyzano Featured By Owner May 8, 2010
Abyss is excellent! I have a copy and have fully played it myself. It is absolutely excellent. If you enjoyed the other "Tales of" series you will enjoy Abyss. Congrats on beating the game, I agree that walking through the game without having to worry about leveling is awesome. Have fun playing through again!

gamera1985 Featured By Owner May 9, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yeah, Tales of the Abyss seems to be quite a good one, especially scenario wise
Kyzano Featured By Owner May 9, 2010
It is! You will enjoy it I'm sure. I certainly did.

blwhere Featured By Owner May 8, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Omg, they made one for the PS3?!?!?! I have to freakin' get it!!! *Goes to buy it online*
gameboysage Featured By Owner May 8, 2010
I'll have to look those games up XD

Poor FF13, all it had going for it was the graphics and even that fails from time to time tutorial game out there at least <,<
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