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Internet finally

Thu May 31, 2007, 2:31 PM
  • Listening to: DDR
  • Reading: Bleach
  • Watching: C dans l'air
  • Playing: Street Fighter II
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I finally got Internet....after 2 months -___-
Anyway, I'm glad, because, now, I can update again freely.

There's a measles epidemic in Japan now, and that's why my university has been closed for two weeks... So I have 2 weeks of vacations, hehe =D

Hum nothing else to say...I'm too happy just to have Internet!


I've decided to make some prints... I hope I made a good choice of pics.
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soooo busy!

Thu May 10, 2007, 5:39 PM
  • Listening to: Kokia
  • Reading: Vinland Saga
  • Watching: Toki wo Kakeru shojo
  • Eating: in a Izakaya
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Finally getting a permanent connection in 10 days... it will be good to go freely on internet again.

in one week, I'm going for a weekend to Okinawa: I hope I'll have a good weather. =D

Hum, it's been a month I haven't drawn a thing.... lack of motivation I guess, or maybe it is because I have a lot of homeworks, including my thesis... -___-
or maybe it's just that I keep going out every day.

Well, I hope I will go back to drawing very soon, because my stock of finished pics is almost no more updates if I continue like this.

Oh, I recently watched "Toki wo kakeru shojo".... maybe a lot of you don't know it, but it is an animated movie produced last year (and it's not a ghibli!)
It's maybe one the best anime I've seen so far, so I recommend it to you guys!


I've decided to make some prints... I hope I made a good choice of pics.
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Greetings from Kobe...

Tue Apr 10, 2007, 5:40 AM
  • Listening to: Uverworld - Color of the Heart
  • Reading: Koto Koto
  • Watching: Scrubs season 5
  • Playing: Karaoke
  • Eating: Some ramen
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Ok, a quick message from Kobe, Japan.
Since I don't yet have a permanent connection here, it's hard for me to make regular updates, so please forgive me about it.

Hum, life here is pleasant, like last time I came... thanks to the euro currency rate exchange, every things seems so cheap for me here.

hum, anyway, I will try to tell you more about it right when I have myown internet.


I've decided to make some prints... I hope I made a good choice of pics.
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Let's go to Japan!!

Wed Mar 28, 2007, 8:18 AM
  • Listening to: Dam Dariram (DDR remix)
  • Reading: Food Girls by OKAMA
  • Watching: Kare Kano
  • Eating: Pizza Auvergnate
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I'm leaving for Japan.... finally...
I just hope I will be able to draw....but well, first, I will need to find an internet connection in Kobe.

Then maybe a scanner  ^^; (else, well...I can draw, but that would be only for me :evillaugh: )

Lately, I've been a lot into drawing Mai Otome characters. It's not that I've watched the serie recently (it's been a year already) but I suddenly found them interesting for many of my weird ideas ^^;
Maybe because of the character design, personalities or relationship between them (who said lesbians? =D)...I really dunno.

But I know that I found them cute and pretty, and that I'm strangely good at drawing them (without being arrogant).

so be ready to see more otomes in the next weeks. :)

Oh, and for my last pic, Armless Meganekko, I have drawn two version of it... Here on DA you can find the PG version. But the more "mature" one can be found on my website, Gammatelier.


I've decided to make some prints... I hope I made a good choice of pics.
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Mon Mar 12, 2007, 2:59 AM
  • Listening to: Mr Blue Sky (french people knows it ;p)
  • Reading: Little Boy by Takashi MURAKAMI
  • Watching: Simoun
  • Playing: Final Fantasy XII (for around 70h now)
Argh! I only have two weeks left to finish all the secondary quests of FF XII.... -_- Will I succeed? I hope so....I think if I play around 3-4 hours per day it should be okay ^^;
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So I'm leaving for japan in two weeks now... 17 days to be precise... I just receveid my visa, but I still have so many things to do before leaving. I'm going to Kobe as an exchange student.

-Well first, I should draw as much as I can before leaving, because I'm not sure if I will find a scanner in Kobe. :painter:
-Then, I have to pass my drive licence (even if I don't like to drive)... I don't think it'll be a problem.
-Well, have to finish all my video games on PS2, dreamcast, Gamecube and so on... well, the truth is that I can't, so I'll just try to finish FF XII at 90-100% at least. Hopefully, I can still bring with me my DS lite and PSP to Japan. :work:

I will bring with me my two laptops too, and around 1700 Go on Hard I have enough animes and mangas for months :tunes:

I hope I'll have the opportunity to attend to some art classes in the University of Kobe (they would be the firsts in my life :deviation:)...I'm sure it would help me to draw better.

Oh, and by the way, it's the second time that I go to Japan. So for the ones who are wondering, yeah, I already know the country.


I've decided to make some prints... I hope I made a good choice of pics.
:shop629979: :shop629636: :shop636270: :shop629786: :shop629740: :shop636329:

One year already...

Thu Feb 15, 2007, 5:20 AM
  • Watching: Keroro Gunso
  • Playing: Final Fantasy XII
It's been a year already that I'm on DA... few things have happened since, and I think it's time for some changes...
So I have drawn a new avatar and get a 12 month subscription.
Gamera's Avatar

so yeah, few things have happened...My spine which has been damaged for the last 2 years is now healed, and so I can enjoy doing some sports again, like running or swimming.

Besides, I'm leaving for Japan next month, which make me happy since I haven't been there for a long time now...Maybe I'll be back by the end of the year...

Anyway, still have some time to new deviations will come in the next weeks... Recently, I've been working a bit with :iconkarbo: who is a great artist, and also a good friend. We've made so far two collaborations, and we will try to do more of them in the future.

Throught the year, I've improved myself, but I think it's maybe the time to change from the mouse to the pen, which is said to be more practical.

Ah, and for the ones who like realistic mythical creatures, this is for you, a Naga:

Ah, and I take commissions from time to time...about 40€ a colored pic...


Take a look at :iconyomerome:
He is a very good writer I think, and he already wrote some stories about pics I did.
Xifeng's story:…
Freak Island:…
He also have a very good comic, about "armless" fighter girls =D

Don't think that :iconkarbo: needs any advertising from me ^^; But anyway, go see his art: it has very good atmospheres and is all about vore.
We do a lot of collaborations together.

:iconhebiko1984: is new on Deviant Art, but she draws really cute amputees. Go by her page ;p

:iconmautheil: is the french most famous amplover for 60 years now. Check his gallery and his favorites.

If you prefer big boobs, go by :iconryohjiheavyindustry: He loves them and he is currently drawing a funny comic. He is learning quickly, and in a few months, he will make pretty good colorations I think.

:iconjazzlizard: isn't really active anymore, but go check his gallery. His universe is fantastic and imaginative. He draws nagas and beasts like that very well.