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November 15, 2012
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Thou shalt remove thy limbs, for they shall go to the immobile.
Thou shall not bear children, for they shall go to the best pairs.
Thou shall retain thy bosom, for it is the seat of thine heart, the stabilizer of thine body.
Thou shall retain thy heart and mind, for they are needed to worship, love and pray

They pledged their vows to God, and are now dedicating their life to prayers. They shall be helped by other sisters who haven't made their oath yet.

They're part of an obscure religious order of enclosed nuns, who dedicate their life to prayers only. Theyre are quite extreme in their oath, leading them to lose most of their bodies when they enter the order. For ages it was famous for welcoming unwanted women from noble families, to impede a division of the house lands.


Such a crazy idea... I first started by drawing one of them....then another, and another...and I ended up with rows of them. Now I had to find an excuse to explain it, and I could only think about a religious order.
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heads only?
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Hopefully heads only!
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Will try ;)
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I do love the amputated girls in the picture over there. They must be amputated nuns. You know that I do have many fetishes including feet, legs, amputees, fembots, SWB's, hemis, elastic women, and everything else of the like and that makes me really interesting and one cool dude!! In addition, I also like Sally the Hand along with her sister who is a foot, but I wish that you can draw them for me if you get a chance, though. By the way, my birthday is November 21st (11/21) and I wish that you can be able to draw something really cool for my birthday, though. I'll be 32 years old this year. I very much so appreciate it, though.
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I-I love this so much //fangasms//
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best church ever ;)

wanna join?
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aww' yah ~

gpfer Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
There was an old pulp fiction story Where ," Just the the voluptuous torso spring from the ground, and they were many."
The story goes on to say that the flesh was warm and soft but firm.
They grew like mushrooms.
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